Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

07 May

VIDEO 1: Installation tutorial of U post roll forming machine

Hello everyone, this is Lydia from LINBAY MACHIENRY, this is a installation video for guardrail post machine, this video shows to customer how to assembling the machine, how to connect all the cables. By the way we also offer best aftersales service and detailed manual book, It helps customer to run it automatically by themselves during the Covid situation and save the cost of installation and commissioning.

If you're interested in our roll forming machine, please contact with LINBAY MACHIENRY.

VIDEO 2: Installation tutorial of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Hello everyone, this is Lydia from LINBAY MACHIENRY, I'd like to introduce you this pre-cut system highway guardrail roll forming machine. This machine we shipped to Saudi Arabia.
This machine is to produce standard W beam, the working speed is 12m/min, or 3 pieces per minute, it's very fast and with high productivity. It can produce thickness from 2.5-4mm without any problem. It uses cast iron stands and gearbox drive system, good quality.

Flow chart: Hydraulic decoiler-- Servo feeder with hydraulic punch--Hydraulic precut--Platform--Roll forming machine--Out table
Delivery date: 120 working days
Warranty: 2 years
If you are interested in this roll forming machine, please feel free to talk with LINBAY MACHINERY.


This W beam guardrail production line is exported to Saudi Arabia. The more used thickness of highway guardrail in Saudi Arabia is around 2.7mm. The W beam size is 81*312, meet AASHTO M180 standard.

Whole flow chart is decoiler-leveler-servo feeder-hydraulic punch-hydraulic cut-transportation platfrom-roll former-auto stacker. This working process allows whole line working speed reach 12m/min, it means, almost 3pcs per minute. It's double speed compared to post cut flow chart, it has a higher productivity.

The roll former part we adopted Siemen brand motor 22KW, cast iron stands and driven by gearbox. This parameter allows our highway guardrail roll forming machine can produce 5mm thickness panel as well. The newest auto stacker relys on magnetic force to catch and move the guardrail and put them layer by layer and in dislocation. This system greatly reduced manpower.

We have 2 producing line same like this one at our factory, it can produce W beam and thrie beam as well. This line is the perfect choice for the production of highway guardrail. Besides, our company has ISO9001 certificate, which is approved by Saber(saso) system, we have experience of making PC file and SCOC file to help customer make clearance.

VIDEO 4: 5mm U/Z Post Roll Forming Machine

This U-shape post roll forming machine can produce spacer block and post which assemble with guardrail as fence barrier system.
This forming machine is manufactured by Linbay for our Saudi customer to produce 4-5 mm products.
To produce products up to 5mm thickness, we use high strength in the structure and components of our machines.
The shaft was made of 40Cr with a diameter of 110mm.
The thickness of the formed cast iron station is 60mm, and each forming station is driven by gearbox.
In order to solve the problem of the inconvenience of traveling abroad to install the machine, we will make a customized video installation tutorial and a written guide for each of our customers, as well as a remote guide for our English-speaking engineers to install and use the machine. To date, we have had dozens of successful remote installations.
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The cutting method is hydraulic and scrap-free, with a photoelectric sensor system that minimizes material loss.
After cutting, the cross-section is burr-free, smooth and even.
Stay tuned to Linbay Machinery, we will continue to bring you more quality forming machine solutions.

This is a guardrail crash barrier roll forming machine is also exported to Saudi Arabia, it can make W beam and thrie beam. This line using post cut system, which is more economic. The motor power is 55kw Siemens brand, the shaft is φ110mm, whole line weight is up to 38Tons. Linbay offers very strong and durable machine for our customer.
This is video of highway guardrail roll forming machine in our factory, working speed is 12m/min, 3 pcs per minute. It can produce two waves and three waves guardrails. Max. panel thickness can be 6mm. Now we have two working lines here, you are welcome to check them.